I am pleased to bring yoga into offices throughout Westchester county! As a professional business woman I know the daily stress that work can have on life. Offering yoga within the office is a special perk that will make your company more desirable to new hires, and keep your current employees happy to be there.

Working in an office or at a computer for prolonged periods of time can Corporate office yoga with hipheatherput strain on the neck, shoulders and back muscles which in turn can lead to tension and stiffness.

A variety of offerings that cater to your company’s needs:

  • Weekly Group Classes                                                                            
  • Special Workshop Examples: Chair Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and Yoga for Travel.                
  • One on One Private Session for Employees                              
  • Yoga at Corporate Retreats                                                         
  • Meditation Sessions                                                           
  • Virtual Classes                                                                                  
  • Wellness Fairs

Q&A with Heather

I’m interested but don’t know how to bring yoga into my office, what do you suggest to get started?Click here to read an article from the Huffington Post on how to “Convince Your Company to Have Yoga”. I have experience working with Human Resources departments, Corporate Fitness Centers, and High Level Executives in order to organize on site yoga.  I can also put together a survey for employees to gain interest level, and determine if employees are willing to contribute to the costs of holding a yoga class if the company is not able to subsidize the class on a regular basis.

Do we need to purchase yoga mats or props? MATS
My services are all inclusive meaning I supply the yoga mats and props. If your company is interested in purchasing your own mats and blocks to have on site, I can purchase them for you at a wholesale price.

What do you suggest for employees who are primarily sedentary, at their desks all day? Office chair yoga with hipheatherI am certified in Chair Yoga, and can offer employees tools to increase their comfort working all day at a desk. I will show them simple stretches they can do to increase energy, concentration, and prevent being hunched over at their desks! This is also a great service for employees with disabilities who may not be able to get up and down off a yoga mat.